Why I cannot stand watching "professional" soccer.

Disclaimer: I enjoy playing soccer. I'm not terribly good at ball skills, but I do understand positioning and can play solid defense. I even played in an amateur league a couple of years and was named most improved player the year we went to the finals. It's a lot of fun, and with the right group, I even try some… »7/01/14 11:03pm7/01/14 11:03pm

If you think Big Bang Theory is awesome/awful, what about King of the Nerds?

I've been a bit fascinated by the discussions about nerd culture (particularly Big Bang Theory) that have turned up recently. After reading a very good discussion of BBT vs. Community here and this most excellent rant by a real physicist about BBT here, I started thinking more about the intersection of modern nerd… »2/03/14 10:46pm2/03/14 10:46pm